I approach my teaching as a method to practice my critical cultural communication research. Specifically, the critical cultural communication-related courses become pedagogical spaces for me to perform my theories in practice. Also, I bring to these courses my own intellectual passions on studying intersections among culture, power, and communication. Thus, I am strongly devoted to develop an academic advising relationship between students and me. By doing so, my goal is to assist students to become active members of an intellectual community and to develop critical, creative, transformative knowledge that are relevant for today’s globalized transcultural communication contexts.



University of New Mexico:

Graduate Courses:

• CJ 500-Foundations of Communication Theory

• CJ 506-Critical Cultural Studies 

• CJ 509-Introduction to Graduate Studies in Communication

• CJ 514-Graduate Seminar in Intercultural Communication

• CJ 519-Topics in Intercultural Communication

Queer Intercultural Communication (Spring 2014)

        Gender and Intersectionality (Spring 2021)

        Race and Media (Spring 2023)

• CJ 600-History and Philosophy of Communication

• CJ 602-Theorizing Culture and Communication  

• CJ 605-Qualitative Research Design and Analysis


Undergraduate Courses:

• COMM 1130-Public Speaking

• COMM 1996-Special Topic: Introduction to Asian American Studies

• CJ 314-Intercultural Communication

• CJ 318-Language, Thought, and Behavior

• CJ 323-Nonverbal Communication

• CJ/WMST 326-Gender and Communication

• CJ 400-Senior Seminar: Perspectives on Communication

• CJ 469-Multiculturalism, Gender, and Media

University of Denver:

Undergraduate Courses:

• ASEM 2690-Asian/Pacific Diasporas: Communicating Transnationality

• COMN 2210-Gender, Communication, and Culture

• COMN 2220-Race and Popular Culture

• COMN2700- Masculinities, Identities, and Relationships: Perspectives of Gay/Bisexual/Queer Men


Howard University:

Undergraduate Course:

• COMC 490-Communication Research Methods


Trinity Washington University:

Graduate Courses:

• COM 525-Intercultural Communication

• COM 535-International Communication


Undergraduate Course:

• COM 225-Intercultural Communication


University of New Mexico:


Doctoral Committees:


Dissertation Committee Chair:


Emerson "Kai" Armstrong, Communication. 

Anh A. Nguyen, Communication.

Tomide Oloruntobi, Communication

Degree Granted:

2023 Austin Miller, Communication. “Queer crises: Movements from queerness and feelings of white religion in the United States.” Disaster Response & Regional Grants Officer, Rotary International (2023-Current).


2023 Cassidy Ellis, Communication. “Saved Babies, Dead Doctors: Settler Colonial Anxiety and Strategic Rhetorics of/in the Anti-Abortion Cultural Narrative.” Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati (2023-current).


2022 Keisuke Kimura, Communication. “(Un)matched: Racialized Narratives of U.S.-based Japanese men, masculinity, and heterosexuality in online dating apps.” July, 2022. Assistant Professor, Miami University of Ohio (2023-current); Adjunct Assistant Professor, Colorado State University (2022-2023).


2022 Anthony Rosendo Zarinana, Communication. “Melancholia x: A projection of queer of color ambivalence in the 21st century New Mexico.” May, 2022. Instructor, John A. Logan College (2023-current).


2020 Hannah R. Long, Communication. “‘Fat is a queer issue too’: Complicating queerness and body size in women’s sexual orientation and identity.” July, 2020. Communication Specialist, New Mexico Department of Health.


2019 Zhao Ding, Communication. “Resisting the victimization: Examining ideological tensions of race, gender, sexuality, and transnationality among first-generation Chinese migrant women in U.S. academia.” July, 2019. Manufacturing Supervisor, Abbott (2023-Current); Assistant Professor, Utah Tech University (2020-2023); Visiting Assistant Professor, Gustavus Adolphus College (2019-2020).


- Awarded the 2020 Outstanding Dissertation in Asian/Pacific American Communication Studies Division & Caucus by National Communication Association (NCA) and the 2020 Outstanding Dissertation in International and Intercultural Communication Division by National Communication Association (NCA).


Dissertation Committee Member:


Degree Granted:


2024 Anthony C. Peavy, Communication. Racialized masculinities in professional basketball: Utilizing mixedness to challenge commonplace Black/white media discourses about NBA players. Assistant Teaching Professor, Iowa State University.

2018 Lindsay Scott, Communication. “Kenyan youths’ experiences of intercultural conflict: Negotiating context, intersecitonalities, and agency.”  Assistant Professor, Lone Star College.


2018 Myra “Nikkie” Roberts, Communication. “(Lie)alectics and the discursive dequeerification of political spaces based on religious freedoms: A critical rhetorical analysis of the Mormon and gay website.” Lecturer, Central New Mexico Community College.


2017 Godfried Asante, Communication. “(Re)producing the Ghanian/African subject: Ideological tensions and queer subjectivities in post-colonial Ghana.” Assistant Professor, San Diego State University.


2016 Santhosh Chandrashekar, Communication. “Un/Desirable subjects: South Asian racialization in the age of terror.” Assistant Professor, University of Denver.


2016 Erin Watley, Communication. “Culture, conflicts & discourse: A critical discourse analysis of undergraduate students’ reflections and conversations about intercultural conflicts.” Assistant Professor, McDaniel College.


2013 Kristen Cole, Communication.“Every ‘one’ and every ‘thing’ can be loved”: A rhetorical analysis of networked self-representation by the objectum sexuality community.” Assistant Professor, San Jose State University.


External Dissertation Committee Member:


Liu, Jiacheng. Mass Communication & Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Pennsylvania State University. “Asia is burning: Queer minor transnationalism and ballroom culture in China.”


Degree Granted:

2015 Seif Sekalala, Culture and Communication. Drexel University: Philadelphia, PA. “Rwandan former refugees’ and genocide survivors’ narratives in the USC-Shoah Archive & Western (US, UK, Italy, Canada) newspapers.” Researcher/Consultant, Higher-Ed Exchange LLC.


Masters Committees:


MA Thesis Director/Adviser:

Degree Granted:

2020 Benjamin Bailey, Communication. “ ‘This is how you navigate the world’: Impacts of Mormon Rhetoric on White queer members’ identity performance.” Ph.D. Student, Arizona State University.


- Awarded the 2020 Outstanding Thesis in American Studies Division by National Communication Association (NCA)


2014 Reslie Cortés, Communication. “Walk feminine, talk feminine: A critical textual analysis of femininities, performances, and representations in anime.” Assistant Professor, James Madison University (2022- Current). Visiting Instructor, St. Lawrence University; Ph.D. Student, Arizona State University.


MA Thesis Committee Member:

Degree Granted:

2020 Devon A Lara, Latin American & Iberia Institute. “Sex workers and public health policy through an intersectional feminist lens: A comparative narrative policy analysis.”


2017 Seonah Kim, Communication. “‘It is Non-Summit’ and ‘It is Abnormal’: Unpacking Whiteness: Critiquing racialized and gendered representations in Non-Summit (Bijeongsanghoedam).” Ph.D. Student, University of Washington.


MA Comprehensive Exams Chair:

Degree Granted:

2014 Michael Devin Heller, Communication.


MA Comprehensive Exams Committee:

Degree Granted:

2020 Issac Ramsey, Communication.

2019 Santiago Carrasco Garcia, Latin American & Iberia Institute


Undergraduate Committees:


Senior Thesis Director:


2017 Julianna Christine Wiggins, Communication. “Analyzing the Latina racialized body, role, and language in Latina.”


2015 Stephanie A. Dyke, Communication. “Rewriting gender, sexuality, and the body on the privileged canvas of consumerism: A critical analysis of “post-feminism” in cosmopolitan magazine.”


2014 Daniel Carboni, Asian Studies. “De-normalizing sexuality: Problematic gay parody versus gay reality in Japan.”